Model Real Estate, Goshen, Indiana

We are a group of agents who work collaboratively to create the best-possible buying and selling process for you.

Our highly-motivated, energetic team brings encouragement and support to everyone we serve. We believe that home transactions should be enjoyable. Our job is to make sure the process goes smoothly and without unnecessary stress, no matter if this is your fifth home or first home. Contact us today.



Our name

Our collaborative-based approach to real estate transactions is a different model in the industry. You can find our office in the historic and re-purposed former Model Elementary School.

Model Real Estate
2211 Berkey Avenue, Goshen, Indiana

Our Philosophy 

We have found that home buyers and sellers often face unnecessary frustration and disappointment. While an abundance of information is now available online, these sites lack specifics and can be misleading.

Adding to the real estate transaction challenge is the single-authority approach most are accustom too. Traditionally, one agent’s opinion guides the entire process, leaving clients with only one perspective that could make the process less efficient.

Model Real Estate brings a wants to provide multiple perspectives to assist in the decision-making process. Rather than relying on one person's opinion, therefore we bring guidance from multiple disciplines to help you.

A Simple, Easy Process

As Model Real Estate has worked with clients, the most gratifying (and frequent) comment they hear is, “That seemed way too easy.”

Real estate transactions can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to feel that way for you. When you’ve have a group of people working together to make things go smoothly, it takes much of the stress out of a complex challenge.

Our Team (574) 538-9631
(574) 538-9631


Dallan has been selling real estate since 2012. Before real estate he was a teacher and a coach. These experiences have allowed him to help people from first time home buyers to savvy investors.

When he’s not in the office, Dallan and his wife, Janice are busy raising their three kids, the dog, Manny, and their cats. (574) 354-0835
(574) 354-0835


Dawn is from Elkhart County, growing up and graduating from Northwood High School. Before getting into real estate Dawn worked as a Lighting Protection CAD engineer and a Sales Engineer.

Dawn is dedicated to helping clients find their next home by getting to know them and understanding their needs and wants.

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